What’s the best way to conduct usability testing for web sites?

What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing is the main focus of any business to achieve company objectives and to be aligned with the corporate strategy at the end. What is usability testing? The Wikipedia provides a good explanation to start with.

Usability testing is a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This can be seen as an irreplaceable usability practice, since it gives direct input on how real users use the system.


There is no doubt that any company would prefer if they can get direct user feedback regarding their product right away. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available out-of-box until recently.

The traditional way

Normally companies collect customer feedback from time to time about their products in the traditional way. Although it is time-consuming this method enables companies to obtain real feedback under real circumstances.

The main drawback is the time and the cost the company has to bear throughout. 
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A tool for the 21st Century

To cope up with needs of today’s fast-moving world, we need new tools and techniques to test your website usability (mobile site, app, etc) to obtain independent feedback (A free peek into the usability) from a real user.

Over 1.6 billion websites

Imagine how many websites are on the World Wide Web (WWW). According to the Internet Live Stats, There are over 1.6 billion websites on the World Wide Web today.

The 1 billion milestone was first reached in September 2014, as confirmed by Netcraft in its October 2014 Web Server Survey and first estimated and announced by Internet Live Stats.


Average 140,000 websites per day

Imagine how many websites are launched each day. This value lies around 140,000 per day (at least during 2012). A survey by Netcraft in 2012 showed that a total number of websites launched in 2012 were 51 million i.e. ~140,000 per day.

Current Internet users

Tim Berness-Lee Admits

At the time of this article there are 1,693,861,084 websites and 4,255,498,850 internet users recorded. 

It is for sure there is no argument that we can follow the traditional method in collecting user feedback anymore. It proves how important it is for us to improve and optimize our websites to stand against this huge competition. Let’s review a tool and understand its potential benefits further.

The Internet Live Status Tool

With the Internet Live Stats tool, you can do a Usability testing (the process of evaluating a site or product’s usability by letting real people try it). You can get a peek into the mind of your users (real feedback, real people, real fast) within a very short period.

You can see and watch a 5-minute video of a real person using your site or app for free. You have the option to select your own intended audience for testing. This will bring you real feedback from real people.

Currently "Peek" is discontinued by the providers.

Testing capability for multiple platforms

This tool provides the facilities to run usability tests over many platforms.

  • Websites
  • Mobile sites
  • Games
  • Prototypes
  • Mobile Apps
  • Competitor sites

You can also obtain a more narrowed down professional feedback based on your own tasks, target audience and even create and share clips.

They provide two plans as “Individual” and “Corporate” with extensive features.


  • Access to expansive UserTesting panel
  • Access test templates
  • Basic testing capabilities


  • Advanced testing capabilities
  • Administrative controls
  • Enhanced video player
  • Advanced recruiting capabilities
  • Professional services
  • Quantitative metrics

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