Odoo School ERP – How to create a Subject?

Odoo is a powerful modular-based ERP solution capable of handling many features across multiple industries, including the education sector.

What is a School management software

Odoo School ERP Dashboard
Odoo School ERP Dashboard

A school Management software is a collection of features specially designed to manage the day-to-day administrative tasks of an education organization. School management software allows schools to digitally manage and monitor daily activities while managing all the resources and information centrally.

This article will guide you on creating a subject and manage updates on the Odoo ERP system.

What is Subject Management

The subjects are a core area of any school or a course. Every class or course has subjects. Faculties teach these Subjects and, are assigned to a specific Course and, a Batch.

The details managed by a Subject.

Name. A subject requires a meaningful name. For example, Piano for Kids.

Subject Code. A shortcode for the Subject is defined with a predefined pattern.

Type. A Type has three values; they are Theory, Practical, and, both.

Subject Type. A subject Type can be used to define to be either Compulsory or Elective.

Grade Weightage. This will be a value to scale the Grade.

Parent Subject. We can assign another subject to be treated as a parent subject. This is optional.

Tired of reading, watch a video

If you want to watch a step by step video guide, please watch the video.

Step by step guide to creating a Subject

The following steps will guide you on how to create a subject in the Odoo ERP system.

Go to the ERP Core module > Configuration menu > Subjects, under the Subject Management section.

Subjects Interface
Subjects Interface

You will see all the subjects if the subjects already exist. Otherwise, a blank screen is shown.

Click on the Create button to start creating a new Subject.

Subject Creation Interface
Subject Creation Interface

Enter a suitable name for the subject, let’s say Piano for kids.

Now, enter the code.

Select the type, let’s say it’s a practical subject.

Now select the subject type. Let’s say, it’s an elective subject.

Grade weightage and Parent subject fields are optional. you can leave it blank.

Subject Creation Interface - Saving
Subject Creation Interface - Saving

Now click on the Save button.

See the logs on the right, it writes all major transaction details as a record. you also can add your own log notes.

Click on subjects to go back to the previous screen. You can see the newly created subject on the list.

Searching & Filtering Subjects

If you cannot see, type the search term piano in the search bar and press the enter key.

The system will search and filter your records.

Subject Interface - Searching
Subject Interface - Searching

Editing Subject details

If you want to edit the record, just click on it to open. Then click on the Edit button.

Make any changes and click on the Save button again to save the changes.

Click on subjects to go back to the previous screen. You can see the updated subject details on the bottom.

That concludes this tutorial. Now you know how to create a Subject and manage updates. Read our next article about Course Management in Odoo School ERP system.

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