Odoo School ERP – Fees Term Management

What is a School management software

A school Management software is a collection of features specially designed to manage the day-to-day administrative tasks of an education organization. School management software allows schools to digitally manage and monitor daily activities while managing all the resources and information centrally.

Odoo is a powerful modular-based ERP solution capable of handling many features across multiple industries, including the education sector. This articles is one of the Odoo School ERP series.

This article will guide you on managing course fees in the Odoo School ERP system.

What is Course Fee Management

Most Schools and Institutions conduct courses for a fee. Also there are courses without a fee. Anyway, in Odoo School ERP, we need to setup how a course fee works regardsless of a cost. This is achieved by using a setup called “Fees Terms”.

A Fees Term defines how and when a payment is made for a particular course. Each course is linked to a specific Fees Term to provide payment terms for each course.

The details managed by a Fees Term.

The following details are required to define a Fees Term.

Fees Term. A meaningful name of the Fees Term

Active. The Status of the Fees Term

Terms. Terms which payments will be made. Here we have below details to specify for each term.

  • Due days : Number of due days allowed for the payment.
  • Value (%) : Percentage of the total value paid under this Term.
  • Fees Elements : Details of the Products / Courses linked to the Term.
Information! It is not mandatory to assign Fees Elements to a Term. If you assign a particular element (a Course) then the Fees Term is automatically linked. Otherwise you can assign this Fees Term to any selected course as a general Fees Term.

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Step by step guide to creating a Course Fee Term

The following steps will guide you on how to create a Fees Term in the Odoo School ERP system.

Go to the ERP Core module > Configuration menu > Fees Terms option.

You will see all the current Fees Terms if they already exist. Otherwise, a blank screen is shown.

Click on the Create button to start creating a new Fees Term.

Enter a suitable name for the Fees Term. You may add a suitable description if needed.

The Active status will be automatically enabled.

To enter Term details, click on “Add a Line” option. The below screen will appear to enter Term details.

Enter number of days allowed in the Term of payment. For example, pay within 30 Days.

Enter the percentage (%) included in the Term. For example pay 50% of the fee (within 30 days).

Click on “Add a Line” option under Product(s), if you need to assign a specific Product to the Term. Remember, each course is a sellable product.

Now click on the Save & New button as we entered 50%. Click on “Add a Line” option again and follow above steps to create another Term for the remaining 50% of the Fee.

Click on Save and close button to save the details.

Click on Fees Terms to go back to the previous screen. You can see the newly created Fee Term on the list.

See the logs on the right, it records all major details you perform on this screen. You also can add your own log notes.

Searching & Filtering Fees Terms

A very good feature in Odoo School ERP system is consistancy. Most of the interfaces are functions are performed same way and you do not require to remember complex steps on each screen.

Therefore, the searching and filtering function is similar to Courses and Subjects search and it is same in all interfaces across the system. Refer to top-right corner of the above image for the Search and filter option.

The below image shows the search and filter option under Subjects interface.

Editing Fees Term details

Editing of existing Fees Terms is not recommended. specially the Terms section. This is mainly because the particular Fees Term may have already been assigned to a course and changing the Fes Terms will affect the course as all Fees Terms of that course is already created. You still can edit the name, description and active status.

If you want to edit the record, just click on it to open. Then click on the Edit button.

Make any changes and click on the Save button again to save the changes.

Click on Fees Terms to go back to the previous screen. You can see the updated Fees Term details on the bottom.


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That concludes this tutorial. Now you know how to create and manage Fees Terms. If you recall, we selected the Fees Term when creating the course. We will next see how a Course Batch is created. Anyway this will be discussed in another turotial.

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