Mouseflow – It’s all about monitoring your website’s behavior

Is your business heading the right direction? Are you certain your company website is aligned with your corporate strategy? and your website is performing well towards achieving company goals. It is certain that we cannot answer these questions without using a website analytical tool to measure website’s performance.

A powerful website analytical tool

Today, I am going to reveal a website analytical tool called Mouseflow. This tool will track and transform visitor clicks, mouse movements, and scroll behavior into valuable information to support your decision-making ability.

Mouseflow will help you to increase sales, boost conversions, and improve the usability of your website. It will optimize your site’s usability and conversions rate.
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How Mouseflow works?

Mouseflow works by adding a small snippet of JavaScript to your website and it is fully compatible with major mobile devices, namely Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Phones.

Mouseflow is GDPR compliance and follows a strict process to ensure data privacy. 

The Mouseflow team says, there will be no noticeable effect to your website’s performance as Mouseflow script is highly compressed and starts only once the page has loaded. It works using the tracking script sending highly compressed data packages (~2KB) to Mouseflow platform.

Currently there are 45,000+ client base in action.

Mouseflow team

Mouseflow Features

The main advantage is Mouseflow will “monitor” instead of taking snapshots of visitor behavior. It’s like an over-the-shoulder recording of your visitors’ screen.

Let’s go deeper to understand how Mouseflow provide these capabilities. The below are powerful Mouseflow features which makes it effective and a reliable analytical tool in the market.

  • Records website visitors
  • Session Playback
  • Heatmaps
  • Form Analytics
  • Funnels and
  • Filters

Records Website visitors

Mouseflow lets you record website visitors and sees website heatmaps showing where they click, scroll and even pay attention to understand your visitors and their behavior.

Session Playback

How do you understand your visitors? Mouseflow lets you track all clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, engagement, form fills, and more.

Page-to-Page Tracking

Mouseflow eliminates guesswork by tracking a visitor’s entire journey on your site. This includes on checkout, dynamic, or members-only pages. You can rewind, fast forward, or drag the scrubber bar to a specific point. And, you can speed it up (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x) or download it for offline use, too.

Mobile & Responsive Support

Mouseflow tracks activity from mobile and tablet visitors, too. You can see touch/tap, pinch/zoom, and swipe gestures. You can see how visitors behave on fluid or responsive layouts.

Complete Visitor details

Mouseflow gives you key details about each visitor: where they come from, how they find your site, how long they browse, which browser/operating system they use, and much more. It’s all about understanding the people behind the numbers and this is what you need.


Can you spot key trends in behavior? Mouseflow uncovers where visitors click, move, scroll, pay attention, and are located.

Click Heatmap

Mouseflow shows where visitors click and don’t click. In addition, you can see link analytics with key click, hover, and engagement metrics about each clickable element on a page. This includes anchor-links, buttons, and even erroneous elements. It’s easy to improve your navigation and optimize engagement.

Movement Heatmap

Mouseflow shows where visitors pay attention like eye tracking – at a fraction of the cost. You can improve your page(s) by locating key content and elements where it counts.

Scroll Heatmap

Mouseflow shows you how far down a page, on average, visitors scroll. This lets you see what is seen and what isn’t . You can uncover whether certain content is missed all together.

Attention Heatmap

Mouseflow shows where visitors are most engaged and least engaged. It helps you discover how people click, move the mouse, or interact with different parts of a page. In other words, it shows what type of content visitors find interesting.

Geo Heatmap

Mouseflow lets you see where visitors are actually located on a map. This helps uncover patterns in different regions of the world so you can understand your visitors inside and out.

Form Analytics

Are you losing conversions on forms? Mouseflow tracks the time spent, relative time spent, interactions, drop-­offs / abandonment, and completions for each form field.

In addition, you can click to play the segment of visitors that fill out or reach each step of the form. This helps you identify and improve the usability and conversion rates on forms throughout your website.


How do you know you are not losing visitors in your funnels? Well, Mouseflow shows you how visitors browse from page-to-page. You can build customized funnels to see how different segments of visitors behave at each step. This helps you learn which pages help or hurt conversions.


When it comes to slicing your data, Mouseflow offers powerful segments and filters that are easy-to-use.

Live Filtering

A conclusion is only as good as the underlying data it is based upon. Mouseflow lets you sort/filter your data in real-time glimpse — no need to wait for reports. This lets you answer questions and make decisions without delay.

Historical Analysis

Do you wonder whether past content, layouts, or promotions are effective? Mouseflow lets you jump back in time to compare how visitors behave – past and present. This helps you optimize your site (through A/B testing and iterations) without worrying about data.

Saved & Shared Views

Do you need to understand a particular subset of visitors? Mouseflow lets you sort and filter your data and then save it into a view. If you work in a team, you can share views with others in a single click. You can open views at anytime for instant analysis.

Advantages of Mouseflow

Customizable Settings

When it comes customization on how it should track your site, Mouseflow makes it easy to edit domains, take a sample, or exclude certain traffic.

Multiple Users

Working as a part of a team or with clients are made easy. Mouseflow lets you add multiple accounts and manage custom permissions. This makes it easy to collaborate with co-workers, clients, and other stakeholders, you name it.

Free Support

Mouseflow has a strong community of loyal customers and fans. You will get access to their knowledge-base, screen-casts, and how-to/best practices guides.

Refund policy

Mouseflow offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hassle free! So why not you try it?

Mouseflow Support

They offer 24/7 chat, email, and phone support (+1 (855) 668-7335) as well.

Hope this article helped you to learn a new tool which will be useful to re-engineer how your website should work. 

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