Empowering people to achieve something is a valuable goal in life. My efforts are to empower you, through my knowledge and experience. Why should we share? Why do we care? because we learn and gain so much in life from community. It is our responsibility to give back something to our community [sharing]. It is my turn to serve the humanity [caring].

I am a computer geek in the industry since 1990. I have tasted older technologies from Commodore PCs with Monochrome monitors and huge 8″ Floppy Disks, from Intel 808x to 80×86 family processors, from MS DOS to first Windows OS with GUI capabilities, from Word Star word processor to Word Perfect applications with GUI, from Lotus 123 spreadsheet application to birth of Excel application, from xBase DB packages to latest application and technologies available today in the market.

I have experience in almost all forms of IT related fields such as programming, hardware and networking, web technologies, DTP with a specialty in DB management, IS and IT Project Management. As an IT lecturer from the early generation I have trained over 2500 students.

You can contact me personally with your queries and I am more than happy and pleasure to help you out with it by any mean.

Have a good day!

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